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1. How would you describe yourself and your career journey?

I’m a Fashion PR Specialist. I started my PR career as a Freelancer for about two years with no experience because I wanted to handle PR for fashion brands and couldn’t find an organization in that sector to work for. In 2014, I had joined Global Media Alliance PR Department as an Account Manager for Unilever’s “Vaseline” relaunch and handled other brands like Diamond Cement. In 2016, I left to fully pursue my passion in Fashion PR and run my company e’april Public Relations. This is what I’ve been doing since then.

2. Walk us through a typical day in your life as a Public Relations practitioner.

My typical day begins with picking up my phone to check on all the major social media platforms I am on for any notifications or updates that I may have missed while offline. While at that, I turn on my Radio to listen to news and morning shows to know what is trending and topical issues in the country.

I handle social media pages for clients so I would also post and respond to messages. As a PR professional, I am also interested in my personal brand so I spend a little time on my social media pages to create posts and make updates.

Once I get to the office, (usually between 9-10am) I would first check my emails and prioritize which ones I have to respond immediately, and which ones can be done later. After that I begin my day, which varies depending on what I have pending. It could range from working on PR Plans, drafting, and reviewing press releases, features, developing social media contents, engaging the media for a publication, engaging other industry stakeholders on behalf of clients, scheduling and attending meetings with clients, both virtual and in-person.

3. What are some of the challenges you encounter at work daily? How do you deal with them?

In my line of work, some of my challenges include handling difficult clients who may act all-knowing and also working with the media who can be tough to deal with sometimes. In all, we must master people skills since relationship building is part of public relations. I do my best to ensure that its mutual for both parties.

4. What inspires your delivery as a practitioner?

I am inspired by my purpose. Which is to make a difference. I didn’t want to just be a general PR professional and I wanted to be a Specialist. Which is work for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands as their PR consultant.

5. What’s the one thing you would say has driven your success at work?

I believe my success has been purely driven by my dedication to what I do. Once I commit to something, I work to make it happen.

6. What next for your comms career?

I’m looking forward to taking up some specialized courses to improve my experience and knowledge for my work with clients. I am excited to have recently celebrated a significant milestone which is 10 years in Public Relations practice.

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